KB Look Group start-up meeting

Some Interesting Apples

Carol Thorogood: Wild medicinal herbs

Fay Godwin: Under a turbulent sky

Abigail Reynolds: structures for sun and wind

William Arnold: Sunspots

Kestle Barton by night

Freddie Anderson: Fermentation Workshops

Deep Time Moving Project

Alice Fox: Wild Fibres Workshops

National Meadows Day

Greg Humphries: Building a barrow

Kira Freije: river by night

Volunteer Garden Day 2023

Orchard Blossom Day

Annual Festival of Children’s Literature (2016-2023)

David Batchelor: I-Cons and Ex-Cons

Sat 22 Oct: Brick making workshop with Brickfield

Sat 22 Oct: SEEDHENGE documentation on show

Feet of Clay

Fourthland: RiSING Arc

William Arnold: SEEDHENGE

Botanical illustration family workshop

Earth Minus Environment: Opening weekend programme

Tim Kellett: Kestle Barton Tree and Woodland Walk

Opening weekend: Tree Talks

Gustav Metzger: Earth Minus Environment

Gustav Metzger: ‘Mobbile’ Cornwall tour

Abigail Reynolds: Flux

Some Interesting Apples: Wild & Seedling Pomological Exhibition

Naomi Frears: Looking for Ray, Part 3

Curator’s Talk: the Jeffery Camp collection

Agri/Culture 2.0

Jeffery Camp, RA: Some People Dream a Lot

Ben Sanderson: Drawing workshop SOLD OUT

Ben Sanderson: Green at an Angle

Sarah Gillespie: Moth

Complex Earth: Digital Food Forest

Markéta Luskačová: By the Sea

Fourthland: Into the Drum

Apple Festival and Art Garden after school harvest children’s art workshop

Stella Benjamin: WEAVER

Abigail Reynolds: Estover

Fourthland: Echoes of the dancing sky

Cathy Rentzenbrink: ‘Do you have a story to tell?’ memoir writing workshop

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters – Sunday 4 August

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters – Saturday 27 July

2019 Art Garden: children’s art workshops

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters – Sunday 21 July

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters – Saturday 20 July

Paul Chaney: Last Suppers

David Spero: Settlements

Saturday 29 June: Pavilion rebuild drop-in day and workshop

Summer Clay Workshops

Sunday 16 June: Pavilion rebuild drop-in day and workshop

Paul Chaney: Pavilion rebuild drop-in days and workshops

Saturday 15 June – Pavilion rebuild drop-in day and workshop

Nicola Bealing: Mono

Representing Nature

Walks in Nature: FULLY BOOKED

Story Days: 2019 Festival of Children’s Literature

Georgia Gendall: ‘In Other Words, Darling’

Jem Southam: Birds Rivers Rain

2019 Volunteer Garden Day

2018 Season End

Spontonality 2018

Fourthland with Rosalind Fowler: BREADROCK

I Carry You In My Eyes – Chant of the Whaleswan

Hamish Fulton: Walking Between Walks

Q&A with Hamish Fulton

Volunteer Garden Day in July

Manon de Boer: ‘Bella, Maia and Nick (From nothing to something to something else’, part 1)

Volunteer Garden Day

Fourthland and Rosalind Fowler: The Cloth of a Thousand

William Arnold: Suburban Herbarium

Art Garden 2017

Spontonality 2017 – music improvisation sequence

Artist & Curator Talk on Togetherness

Togetherness: Notes on Outrage

Camera Obscura Workshops with Oliver Raymond-Barker

Poetry workshops with Virginia Astley

Philosophy in the veg patch – gardening as revolutionary metabolic repair – 3 part series with Paul Chaney

Mike McInnerney: Walking Drawing

Mike McInnerney: Ebb & Flow

Responses to the Landscape

Mike McInnerney: Show & Tell

Mike McInnerney: Walking Drawing

Abigail Reynolds: Mên-an-Tol field trip

Mike McInnerney: Talking Pictures

Ledger Lines: Abigail Reynolds, Sophy Rickett and Michelle Stuart

Kevos at Kestle Barton

Jessica Cooper …. but plastic is beautiful

End of 2016 Season

A Weekend in the Woods with the National Trust at Kestle Barton

Spontonality 2016: Music improvisation sequence

Paul Chaney: Critical Camping series

Jem Southam Photographs – Ray’s Sheds: The Hidden Work of Ray Exworth

‘Seed Garden’ Heads & Hands Creative Workshops

‘Lazy August Luncheon in the Garden’ series with Dominic Bailey

Abigail Reynolds: ‘The Mother’s Bones’ Directors Preview and St Keverne Band Performance at Porthallow Village Hall

Fireside Storytelling Supper with Annamaria Murphy

Nicola Bealing: Death & Circuses

Double Brass film screenings – Cancelled performance

Naomi Frears: New Work

Paul Chaney – Lizard Exit Plan: Kestle Barton Sector

In memory of Edgar Boaden Thomas Lyne 1924 -2015


Jollytown Etchings: Prints by Bryan Ingham, 1968 – 1979

Full moon walk and dinner

Moos / Moss: Andrea Büttner

Double Brass 2015

Testing Tropes: Group Show

Encampment Supreme with Paul Chaney

Roger Ackling: Sun Histories

2015 Season Starts Soon

In Memory of Ray Exworth

End of Season Cream Tea Party

Turning Seasons

Hannah Woodman: Garden Drawings

Off-Grid Weekend with Paul Chaney

Lizard Exit Plan

Double Brass with Abigail Reynolds and St Keverne Band

Box A: Accidents

Encampment #1 Workshop with Paul Chaney

Artist talk with Lucy Willow

Lucy Willow: Fallen

Anthony Bryant

At the still point: Anthony Bryant and Kaori Homma

Tallys an Tir – Traditions and Stories of the Land

This Land – Tallys An Tir at Kestle Barton

The Tom Cross Archive

Tom Cross: Early Paintings

Saffy Setohy: Soliloquy

Fixtures and Fittings: Jessica Cooper and Jennie Hancox

Site – Non – Site: NSA at Kestle Barton

Richard Cook: With Closed Eyes

Greenhouse: Matt Durran and Max Jacquard

A Bouquet for Bill: A Collector’s Celebration of William Marshall

Outdoor Sculpture 2012 – Fertile Landscapes

Louise McClary: Your Green Voice

Use and Ornament: Kestle Barton Christmas Show

Ray Exworth: A Shutter Came Down

Sensing Earth – Art and Environment

In Abundance: Kestle Barton’s Flower and Vegetable Show

Juliette Paull: Elemental Truths

Outdoor Sculpture 2011 – Peter Fluck: Mobiles

Frenchman’s Creek: A participatory programme of photography, projections, performance walks, artists’ talks and gallery meals.

Andrew Lanyon: Von Ribbentrop in St. Ives

Mike McInnerney: Routes and Branches

Michael Chaikin: Undulate

Patrick Shanahan: Rupture

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