Jessica Cooper …. but plastic is beautiful

8 April - 20 May 2017

…what if it were possible for a work to be conceived beyond the self, a work that allowed us to escape the limited perspective of the individual ego, not only in order to enter other similar selves but to give voice to that which cannot speak – the bird perched on the gutter, the tree in spring and the tree in autumn, stone, cement, plastic…
(Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millennium,1988)

…. but plastic is beautiful

this show explores the things that at first glance we may miss

the plastic waste and discarded material and the smaller weed and plant, both hidden and growing in the undiscovered corners

no less important than the obvious beauty and aesthetics of the architecture and flowers of kestle, these simple things continue to inspire me

they have formed the basis of the show through a series of large abstracted paintings of plastic and smaller intimate plant pieces

supported by the notes and drawings in my sketchbooks and accompanied by a short film of documented moments and finds within the garden

all the works are linked by my personal investigation of the story of the ‘red thread of fate’

– Jessica Cooper 2016



Kevos at Kestle Barton

21 May 2017

Mike McInnerney: Talking Pictures

28 May 2017

Mike McInnerney: Walking Drawing

3 June 2017

Mike McInnerney: Show & Tell

4 June 2017

Mike McInnerney: Ebb & Flow

15 July - 3 September 2017


End of 2016 Season

A Weekend in the Woods with the National Trust at Kestle Barton

Spontonality 2016: Music improvisation sequence

Paul Chaney: Critical Camping series

Jem Southam Photographs – Ray’s Sheds: The Hidden Work of Ray Exworth

‘Seed Garden’ Heads & Hands Creative Workshops

Abigail Reynolds: ‘The Mother’s Bones’ Directors Preview and St Keverne Band Performance at Porthallow Village Hall

‘Lazy August Luncheon in the Garden’ series with Dominic Bailey

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Open 8 April - 4 November 2017, Tuesday - Sunday 10:30am - 5pm