Fourthland: RiSING Arc

November 2021 – October 2022
Fourthland with Maya Ronchetti in collaboration with Camborne Community Centre, Kestle Barton and the Syrian community in Cornwall.

RiSING Arc is an installation and gathering space situated in Camborne, Cornwall presenting a fusion of a planetarium and a Middle Eastern tea house in proximity to Camborne’s deepest mine.
This project will create a place to offer back to the land, energetically and symbolically – a place to heal from all that has been taken away. Two story threads form the beginning seeds for our project, and each will evolve collaboratively and creatively with a diverse group of people.

Thread 1
Camborne was once one of the wealthiest places in the world famed for innovation, engineering and mining. Thousands of tones of materials were taken from the ground to form infrastructures and beautiful objects all around the world. Generations of skilled hands and minds.
How can we re-remember something of the vitality and alchemy of the land from the scars left behind?

Thread 2
Camborne and the surrounding mining towns are also the new home to Syrian families seeking refuge from their previous lands, which were taken away from them through conflicts of war. The families have arrived with ‘nothing’, and with ‘everything’, and bring with them emergent gifts of togetherness as gift bearers.
How can we connect to realise that we are all bearing the gifts?

The project will weave together these collaborative threads through a series of events and gatherings to form new stories.

RiSING Arc is a call to offer back and restore a sense of belonging with the magic of the land to love more deeply in the times of extraction. 

This is a collaborative project with Camborne Community Centre, Kestle Barton, the Syrian community in Cornwall and other Cornish locals from a range of backgrounds. 
Supported by Arts Council England, Kestle Barton and CAST.

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Starting story

A rising of the
Cosmic domestic
Where we gather around
To awaken the ground
And offer back to the deep deep chambers that lye below

Offering back to what has been taken away
Extracted from the ground
Migrated to all corners of the world, people, tin, copper, clay,
Spinning wheels
Vast Chambers under the ground and sea

Voids that that are walked upon
Voids that hold memories
Of hands and feet

We gather here to offer back to the land
With, music, drum and dancing feet
Four arcs rising to form one

Within the cosmic domestic with our table under the wheel of the sky
We gather to share hearts
Songs, stories and sounds following the old pathways, tracks and shafts with dancing feet
We re-harmonise bringing a vast wheel that extends into the land to re-meet the pathways
With songs and stories we rise the Arc


Love in the Time of the Extraction
A series of online gatherings exploring Love in the time of Extraction will run alongside the happenings in Cornwall exploring deeper themes within the work. These gatherings will present a rich tapestry of explorations and include a discussion series.
Beginning in January 2022

To register interest in this series please email us at

Rising Arc Middle Eastern Tea House
Camborne Community Centre, South Terrace TR14 8SU

The Rising Arc Tea Party
Saturday 3rd September

Gather with Cornish and Syrian locals to share food and music and craft. Bring a dish for sharing and an open heart to meet new people in your local area.

The Voice of the Land Poetry afternoon
Sunday 4th September

Join our open minded, amateur group for an afternoon of storytelling and poetry about the Cornish landscape and nature. Bring something to share or simply listen and enjoy.

RiSING ARC Community performance and screening
Saturday 1st October

RiSING ARC Final feast
Sunday 2nd October

Open Tuesday - Sunday 10:30am - 5pm. Closed Mondays but open for Bank Holidays