Nicola Bealing: Mono

8 June - 14 July 2019

This exhibition of Nicola Bealing’s work will focus on mono prints that were made over the last three years with the help of master printmaker Simon Marsh. The variety of imagery reflects themes and preoccupations which were happening in the studio during that time. Here, Nicola reflects on the process she has used:

‘Mono printing is printmaking at its most pared down and foolproof: an image is made on a plate in ink or paint, then transferred directly on to paper. The apparent simplicity of the process calls for intense focus, both happy and unhappy accidents can happen randomly. All printmaking is a kind of magic, but I’ve always been drawn to mono printing for the speed at which the magic happens and the way in which it can work as a springboard to bounce ideas and problems out of the studio.’

Image above: Nicola Bealing, An Argument (since forgotten), mono print, 100 cm x 80 cm 

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Nicola Bealing

Educated England and Malaysia.

1984-’87 Byam Shaw School of Art, London

1983 Foundation Course, Herts College of Art and Design

Studio : CAST,  Cornwall (

Open 13 April - 2 November 2019, Tuesday - Sunday 10:30am - 5pm