Saffy Setohy: Soliloquy

6 June - 9 June 2013

Soliloquy – video installation by Saffy Setohy
 at Kestle Barton 6-9 June 2013
Soliloquy was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s experimental play-poem The Waves. The characters speak solely in the form of soliloquy, and this text is interspersed with vivid prose describing time passing, light changing, waves and other environmental occurrences. Compositional structures in The Waves have been reflected in Soliloquy, which has a cyclical and durational form. There are many references to cosmology in Virginia Woolf’s work which have influenced the installation design as well as the way in which the content has been composed and edited. The sites worked with in this project were chosen because they were sites close to bodies of water and with particular myths or histories attached to them. Through the embodied re-writing of site, they are imbued with new myths and stories.
Saturday 8th June
11-12:30 – Reception
12.30pm – Performance artists Saffy Setohy and Alicia Grace give an informal talk and answer questions about the ideas and making processes behind Soliloquy – Free admission

2-5pm Saturday 8th June £15 (£10 concession) – “Landed, I trace….” – workshop for arts practitioners and students

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Saffy Setohy: Artist Statement

Alongside working with this inspiration, I was compelled to explore my relationship to Cornwall as a fairly recent migrant. Drawing on soliloquy as a means of communication with ones inner world, personal mythologies were another source of inspiration. In considering the form of the work, I wanted to examine and see how I could break stereotypical approaches that often surround the form of dance on screen and the use of Cornwall as a site. I wanted to work in relation to video and the audience member in way that felt immersive rather than adding to the sense of distance between performer and audience member, or that privileged only vision over all the other senses. I felt it was important to work with Cornwall as a place without romanticising it or referring to its history explicitly, and to work with the female body in a way that did not objectify it. Although the actual performance is a solo work, it was made in collaboration with three other artists. In making this work together, we were critically and practically examining and developing collaborative, interdisciplinary, process-led ways of working with a site and context responsive ethic. Soliloquy speaks of human themes that a wide range of people can relate to, whilst critically examining form and methods of working. Soliloquy asks audiences to slow down and spend time in an immersive and contemplative space- which I feel we often have little time to do now in a digital age.


Saffy Setohy is a performer, choreographer and teacher based in Cornwall. Her last major choreographic work Towards Stillness (2009) was presented in Europe (Dance Kiosk Hamburg, Outlet Festival Germany, Abundance Festival Sweden) and the UK (Arnolfini, Salisbury Arts Centre, London Metropolitan University). She is currently part of Collective Moment and Encounter- two groups of dance artists hosted and supported by the Southbank Centre and Hayward Gallery, London. Saffy is an associate lecturer at Plymouth University and a visiting lecturer at University College Falmouth.

Alicia Grace is a performance artist, writer, and dramaturg based in Devon. Throughout 2011/12 she is working as a mentor for the Dance South West TRI scheme, and as a writer for the Word Quest project, commissioned by Aune Head arts to write on the hidden poetics of Devon.

Nick Mott is a sound artist and illustrator based in Cornwall. Nick was part of the internationally successful band Volcano the Bear, and for the last couple of years has been developing an experimental solo practice creating several albums and working with new groups of collaborators.

Charlotte Jackman-Bloom is a fine artist working across various media including video and photography. Her work has been presented in many group exhibitions across the UK and in India, most recently as part of the Mother Tongue exhibition in the Vyner Street Gallery, London. Charlotte lives in Cornwall.


Landed, I trace...

“Landed, I trace….”

For arts practitioners and students

2-5pm Saturday 8th June £15

During this 3-hour movement and writing workshop will explore the site of Kestle Barton, our own responses to it, and to each other. Led by performance artists Alicia Grace and Saffy Setohy, we will work with improvisation and scoring processes developed during the creation of Soliloquy, which is installed in the gallery during this period. Please bring a notebook and pens/pencils, wear clothes and shoes you can move in. We will be working outside whatever the weather. Please be aware that the site will be open to the public during the workshop time.Refreshments will be provided.

For further information about Alicia, Saffy and Soliloquy, please visit
12.30pm Saturday 8th June FREE

Performance artists Saffy Setohy and Alicia Grace give an informal talk and answer questions about the ideas and making processes behind Soliloquy

Open Tuesday - Sunday 10:30am - 5pm. Closed Mondays but open for Bank Holidays