Outdoor Sculpture 2011 – Peter Fluck: Mobiles

16 April - 30 October 2011

Peter Fluck Mobiles are on view in the Kestle Barton garden until the end of  October 2011. This exhibition features kinetic outdoor sculptures. New works will be introduced through the season and thus the show itself will be ever changing. Some works are for sale and new works can be commissioned. These sculptures, constructed from aluminium, steel and composite materials, spin and swoop on a windy day and gleam on a still one – there is almost constant movement and change. Retired from satire and television (Spitting Image) Peter Fluck has, since 1993, devoted his time to making mobiles. All pieces reflect his fascination with Chaos Theory and its relationship to the world we live in.

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Open Tuesday - Sunday 10:30am - 5pm. Closed Mondays but open for Bank Holidays