Off-Grid Weekend with Paul Chaney

16 August - 17 August 2014

Off-Grid Weekend with Paul Chaney
The second part of an engaging public programme to run alongside Paul Chaney’s summer exhibition at Kestle Barton.

Chaney’s exhibition Lizard Exit Plan describes a detailed plan that would theoretically allow the entire population of the Lizard Peninsular to survive an unspecified apocalyptic event. This new work is a result of research undertaken by Chaney during his residency at Kestle in 2013 (Lizard Center for Apocalyptic Studies).

The programme will bring to life different themes from Chaney’s exhibition, focusing on practical survival skills, knowledge and philosophy that could be useful in a post-apocalyptic society that is no longer part of a global economy.

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Saturday 16 August, Off-Grid Weekend

Saturday 16 August
Foraged meals and camp out
2pm – 20:30pm
Enter Paul Chaney’s plan for survival on the Lizard after an apocalyptic event: It is harvest season, and the workers are camping near the fields. This weekend features camping inside the installation Encampment #1, foraging with local expert Stuart Woodman, and meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients featured in the Lizard Exit Plan.
Limited spaces (13 years and older). Phone or email the gallery to book a meal ticket.

Sunday 17th August, Off-Grid Weekend

Sunday 17th August

Data gathering event

Join Paul Chaney and learning curator, Kenna Hernly, to gather data for two on-going research projects connected to the exhibition.

In 2011 Chaney and Hernly co-created an interactive digital artwork called FieldMachine. FieldMachine allows members of the public to design systems for self-suffeciency by calculating exactly how much farm land is needed to produce any chosen diet.

For more info about FieldMachine visit

Also during the day, visitors will be invited to take part in human powered ploughing trials using the Breast Plough’o’metric a replica based on a medeival breast plough in Helston Folk Museum. Breast Plough’o’metric has been fitted with electronic sensors to measure the amount of human effort required to use this ancient tool to plough virgin land.

The Sunday events will be informal drop in sessions.

Open Tuesday - Sunday 10:30am - 5pm. Closed Mondays but open for Bank Holidays