Greenhouse: Matt Durran and Max Jacquard

30 June - 27 August 2012

Matt Durran and Max Jacquard expand from the gardens of Kestle Barton into the gallery to show work that explores the ‘Inscape’ of objects (as conceived by Gerard Manley Hopkins from the ideas of the medieval philosopher Duns Scotus) where every object contains its own inner landscape constituting its individual identity.

Durran will show a Wunderkabinet of objects that, complemented by his extraordinary Glass Photograms, suggest a world of macro diversity revealed to us by the miracle of scientific craftsmanship.

Alongside these inner worlds Jacquard presents hanging patchworks of recycled glass and found objects that echo the external landscape from where they come. Set against this colourful tapestry are Jacquard’s own experiments with plant forms using optical glass to reveal subterranean growth forces at work in the form of roots, bubbles and veils of light.

The work of both artists represents a crystallisation of the ‘inscape’ both in terms of the extraordinary movements of glass and by representing the restless growth and profusion of organic form.

To coincide with the opening of the Greenhouse exhibition the artists will host a series of workshops that explore the new and sustainable use of glass. Working with hot glass specialist Jon Lewis they will transform up-cycled bottle glass working from a portable furnace. Using innovative assembly techniques they will also introduce students to the possibilities of glass collage and the glass object in the natural environment.

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