Encampment Supreme with Paul Chaney

A temporary pavilion designed by artist Paul Chaney.

This structure, a continuation of Paul’s ongoing research into low impact ‘grass roots’ architecture, is an unprecedented exploration of building with bent willow and found waste.

Made using only traditional vernacular building techniques and post-consumer waste, and built during a series of public workshops, The Pavilion will house some of Kestle Barton’s summer events for this year (2015) and next season.

Volunteers worked with Paul on this project in a series of structured workshop days throughout May. Additional work was also done by Paul and other individuals.

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Encampment Supreme

Completed August 2015

Essays (Downloads)

Second Last Supper 15 August 2015

Moos/Moss Meal 18 July 2015

25 June 2015

4 June 2015

31 May 2015

Week 4

Saturday 30 May

Last of the formal workshop days – however Paul will continue to work into June so if there is further interest in working with him please contact the gallery.


27 & 28 May 2015

Week 3

Saturday 16 May

The pavilion has started to take shape and window panels added to create a south facing wall.

Week 2

Saturday 9 May

This was a crucial stage in the building process: putting in the support beams for the structure.

We had 9 fantastic volunteers and lovely weather to enjoy the work.




Week 1

This first session was spent looking at designs and planning for the project ahead.

Time was also spent sourcing and gathering materials and testing various methods of construction.

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