Sat 22 Oct: SEEDHENGE documentation on show

22 October - 29 October 2022

Artist William Arnold will be presenting new documentary pieces related to this summer’s SEEDHENGE artwork at Kestle Barton.

The work, including an equinox to equinox time-lapse video of the special installation, celebrates the success and failure of the spectacular bloom and partial bust of this marginal in the UK crop.

SEEDHENGE was an ephemeral sun monument made of sunflowers grown from cheap birdseed from a popular chain of discount home hardware stores. Intended as a reflection on recent and ongoing issues of food security, it was a work that harkened back to classic 20th Century land art, in particular Agnes Denes’ Wheatfield, while referencing the prehistoric architecture of Cornwall.

The process of growth was captured in a long-duration time-lapse and by pinhole ‘solargraph’ cameras at the ordinal points. A charm of finches accounted for the bulk of the drought afflicted harvest.

In the upstairs space opposite the gallery entrance, photographs and video from this project will be on display during gallery opening hours from Saturday 22 Oct – Saturday 29 October….the final week before Kestle Barton shuts it’s doors for the Winter.

On Saturday 22 October Rosanna Martin, of Brickfield, will also be running a brick making workshop in association with the current exhibition in the main gallery, Feet of Clay.


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