William Arnold: SEEDHENGE

SEEDHENGE is an ephemeral sun monument constituted of sunflowers grown from cheap birdseed from a popular chain of discount home hardware stores.

In a work that harks back to classic 20th Century land art, in particular Agnes Denes’ Wheatfield, while referencing the prehistoric architecture of the region, a circular plantation of these seeds intended for avian consumption will grow within a round earthwork at Kestle Barton with entrances facing the midsummer sunrise and sunset.

The process of growth will be captured in a long-duration time-lapse and by pinhole ‘solargraph’ cameras at the ordinal points. Birds will be welcome to feast on the harvest.

The project has its origin in William Arnold’s SUNFLOWERS FROM WILKO, a reflection on issues of food security and a response to supply chain problems during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown when conventional seeds for the home gardener became scarce.

Discovering that the birdseed sunflowers had a near 100% germination rate, Arnold and his partner enjoyed a ready supply of microgreens during the early pandemic, while some plants were allowed to reach maturity and complete the loop.


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'SEEDHENGE' - Limited edition photograph

William Arnold: SEEDHENGE

Limited edition of 10

Silver-gelatine prints
Printed by hand on vintage photographic paper.

Image size 27cm x 27cm

Paper size: 30cm x 40cm


William Arnold

Living and working in West Cornwall,  William is interested in the layers of history, human and natural that comprise the making of the landscape and the role played by the photographic surface both literally and metaphorically in recording, interrogating and representing these histories.

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