Paul Chaney: Agri/Culture 2.0

Agri/Culture 2.0

Kestle Barton is situated in a unique rural location. From our inception we have been developing cultural instruments that encourage our audiences and local communities to interact with the land connected to the gallery in meaningful ways. Much of the land at Kestle Barton is already in transition to ecologically sensitive food production. We have vegetable gardens, apple orchards, and large areas of Agroforestry in development.

During summer 2020, associate artist Paul Chaney will lead collaborative research with invited experts to develop a new programme of participation and cultural production that will imagine the land at Kestle Barton as a site of “Agri/Cultural” production. Focusing on developing participatory work and public programming around community land-use, hospitality, and audience-led food production, the research will look at how food production and culture at Kestle Barton can be integrated together over the next ten years.

The research will help realise the cultural cache Kestle Barton’s productive land offers at a time when food security and transition to an ecologically sensitive food system is of utmost importance. The collaborative research will take place remotely according to Covid-19 regimes, with the generous support of Arts Council Emergency Response funding, and culminate in online materials/public discussion/showcase in 2021.

Artists and experts involved:
Kathrin Bohm-artist/food producer/social enterprise expert
Paul Chaney-artist/horticulturalist/technologist
Food Sketz (Cat Smith & Alison Clare)-artists/food experts
Dominic Bailey-artist/chef/hospitality expert
William Arnold-artist/naturalist
James Fergusson-artist/forester
Dr Bram Arnold-artist/rewilding expert
Dr Andrew Ormerod-horticulturalist/biologist/citizen science expert
Mollie Goldstrom-artist/chef

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