Freddie Anderson: Fermentation Workshops

Saturday 12 August 1pm – 5pm SOLD OUT

Saturday 19 August 1pm – 5pm SOLD OUT

Saturday 26 August 1pm – 5pm SOLD OUT

Three repeated workshops £12 each / £9 concession

Suitable for 13 years and older

Limited spaces available – booking essential

My vision for the workshop is to go beyond just teaching people how to make fermented foods, creating a fully immersive experience which engages all the senses and pushes the participants to grasp the magic of fermentation. (Freddie Anderson, 2023)

These 3 x repeated workshops will explain different types of fermentation processes and, using local, organic produce, there will be an opportunity to make your own fermented foods such as kombucha, sauerkraut and pickles; as well as natural prints. Specialised equipment will enable you to hear the ferments bubbling away and create our own soundscape, and to view the microbes we are helping thrive and proliferate.


Image credit: Lucy Rudd

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Freddie Anderson

In my practice, I explore deeper connections with our food, advocating for viable food futures, heritage produce, local food networks and seasonality. I also create work around fermented foods as a means to reimagine the web of life within our own bodies and connect to our ancestral heritage (both our human ancestors who relied on fermentation to survive through the season of scarcity and our microbial ancestors which all life on earth descends from). My practice uses social engagement, printed matter, diagrams, film, microscopic photography, and sound.

Image credit: Lucy Rudd

Open Tuesday - Sunday 10:30am - 5pm. Closed Mondays but open for Bank Holidays