Annual Festival of Children’s Literature (2016-2024)

Volunteer Garden Day 2024

Bram Arnold: Soundcamp 2024

Orchard Blossom Day 2024

Some Interesting Apples

Carol Thorogood: Wild medicinal herbs

Fay Godwin: Under a turbulent sky

William Arnold: Sunspots

Freddie Anderson: Fermentation Workshops

Kestle Barton by night

Deep Time Moving Project

Alice Fox: Wild Fibres Workshops

National Meadows Day

Greg Humphries: Building a barrow

Kira Freije: river by night

Orchard Blossom Day

David Batchelor: I-Cons and Ex-Cons

Sat 22 Oct: Brick making workshop with Brickfield

Sat 22 Oct: SEEDHENGE documentation on show

Feet of Clay

Fourthland: RiSING Arc

William Arnold: SEEDHENGE

Botanical illustration family workshop

Gustav Metzger: Earth Minus Environment

Earth Minus Environment: Opening weekend programme

Tim Kellett: Kestle Barton Tree and Woodland Walk

Opening weekend: Tree Talks

Gustav Metzger: ‘Mobbile’ Cornwall tour

Abigail Reynolds: Flux

Some Interesting Apples: Wild & Seedling Pomological Exhibition

Naomi Frears: Looking for Ray, Part 3

Curator’s Talk: the Jeffery Camp collection

Agri/Culture 2.0

Jeffery Camp, RA: Some People Dream a Lot

Ben Sanderson: Drawing workshop SOLD OUT

Ben Sanderson: Green at an Angle

Sarah Gillespie: Moth

Complex Earth: Digital Food Forest

Markéta Luskačová: By the Sea

Fourthland: Into the Drum

Apple Festival and Art Garden after school harvest children’s art workshop

Stella Benjamin: WEAVER

Abigail Reynolds: Estover

Fourthland: Echoes of the dancing sky

Cathy Rentzenbrink: ‘Do you have a story to tell?’ memoir writing workshop

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters – Sunday 4 August

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters – Saturday 27 July

2019 Art Garden: children’s art workshops

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters – Sunday 21 July

David Spero: Settlements

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters

Paul Chaney: Planning Matters – Saturday 20 July

Paul Chaney: Last Suppers

Saturday 29 June: Pavilion rebuild drop-in day and workshop

Summer Clay Workshops

Sunday 16 June: Pavilion rebuild drop-in day and workshop

Paul Chaney: Pavilion rebuild drop-in days and workshops

Saturday 15 June – Pavilion rebuild drop-in day and workshop

Nicola Bealing: Mono

Representing Nature

Walks in Nature: FULLY BOOKED

Story Days: 2019 Festival of Children’s Literature

Georgia Gendall: ‘In Other Words, Darling’

Jem Southam: Birds Rivers Rain

2019 Volunteer Garden Day

2018 Season End

Spontonality 2018

Fourthland with Rosalind Fowler: BREADROCK

I Carry You In My Eyes – Chant of the Whaleswan

Hamish Fulton: Walking Between Walks

Q&A with Hamish Fulton

Volunteer Garden Day in July

Manon de Boer: ‘Bella, Maia and Nick (From nothing to something to something else’, part 1)

Volunteer Garden Day

Fourthland and Rosalind Fowler: The Cloth of a Thousand

William Arnold: Suburban Herbarium

Art Garden 2017

Spontonality 2017 – music improvisation sequence

Artist & Curator Talk on Togetherness

Togetherness: Notes on Outrage

Camera Obscura Workshops with Oliver Raymond-Barker

Poetry workshops with Virginia Astley

Philosophy in the veg patch – gardening as revolutionary metabolic repair – 3 part series with Paul Chaney

Mike McInnerney: Walking Drawing

Mike McInnerney: Ebb & Flow

Responses to the Landscape

Mike McInnerney: Show & Tell

Mike McInnerney: Walking Drawing

Abigail Reynolds: Mên-an-Tol field trip

Mike McInnerney: Talking Pictures

Ledger Lines: Abigail Reynolds, Sophy Rickett and Michelle Stuart

Kevos at Kestle Barton

Jessica Cooper …. but plastic is beautiful

End of 2016 Season

A Weekend in the Woods with the National Trust at Kestle Barton

Spontonality 2016: Music improvisation sequence

Paul Chaney: Critical Camping series

Jem Southam Photographs – Ray’s Sheds: The Hidden Work of Ray Exworth

‘Seed Garden’ Heads & Hands Creative Workshops

Abigail Reynolds: ‘The Mother’s Bones’ Directors Preview and St Keverne Band Performance at Porthallow Village Hall

‘Lazy August Luncheon in the Garden’ series with Dominic Bailey

Fireside Storytelling Supper with Annamaria Murphy

Nicola Bealing: Death & Circuses

Double Brass film screenings – Cancelled performance

Naomi Frears: New Work

Paul Chaney – Lizard Exit Plan: Kestle Barton Sector

In memory of Edgar Boaden Thomas Lyne 1924 -2015


Jollytown Etchings: Prints by Bryan Ingham, 1968 – 1979

Full moon walk and dinner

Moos / Moss: Andrea Büttner

Double Brass 2015

Testing Tropes: Group Show

Encampment Supreme with Paul Chaney

Roger Ackling: Sun Histories

2015 Season Starts Soon

In Memory of Ray Exworth

End of Season Cream Tea Party

Turning Seasons

Hannah Woodman: Garden Drawings

Off-Grid Weekend with Paul Chaney

Lizard Exit Plan

Double Brass with Abigail Reynolds and St Keverne Band

Box A: Accidents

Encampment #1 Workshop with Paul Chaney

Artist talk with Lucy Willow

Lucy Willow: Fallen

Anthony Bryant

At the still point: Anthony Bryant and Kaori Homma

Tallys an Tir – Traditions and Stories of the Land

This Land – Tallys An Tir at Kestle Barton

The Tom Cross Archive

Tom Cross: Early Paintings

Saffy Setohy: Soliloquy

Fixtures and Fittings: Jessica Cooper and Jennie Hancox

Site – Non – Site: NSA at Kestle Barton

Richard Cook: With Closed Eyes

Greenhouse: Matt Durran and Max Jacquard

A Bouquet for Bill: A Collector’s Celebration of William Marshall

Louise McClary: Your Green Voice

Outdoor Sculpture 2012 – Fertile Landscapes

Use and Ornament: Kestle Barton Christmas Show

Ray Exworth: A Shutter Came Down

Sensing Earth – Art and Environment

In Abundance: Kestle Barton’s Flower and Vegetable Show

Juliette Paull: Elemental Truths

Outdoor Sculpture 2011 – Peter Fluck: Mobiles

Frenchman’s Creek: A participatory programme of photography, projections, performance walks, artists’ talks and gallery meals.

Andrew Lanyon: Von Ribbentrop in St. Ives

Mike McInnerney: Routes and Branches

Michael Chaikin: Undulate

Patrick Shanahan: Rupture

Open Tuesday - Sunday 10:30am - 5pm. Closed Mondays but open for Bank Holidays